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Blogging Break!

I’m sitting in a coffee shop with friends, working on an article about Christmas Carol CD’s (I’ll link you up when it appears).  I just had to take a little blogging break, though, to capture a bit of the atmosphere here.

We’re at Sacred Grounds Coffee Shop, which is actually part of the Quality Inn and Suites at the Portland Airport.  It’s also part of a church!  The Eastside Foursquare Church owns and operates the hotel and coffee shop, and they hold their regular church services and groups and stuff in the conference room(s).  So we’re sitting here now, typing away, listening to a combination of Christian radio and booming drums coming from the church area.  They’re singing something that includes “Hallelujah” and sounds vaguely like the music of Simon and Garfunkel.  It’s intriguing enough that I’m thinking of catching an actual service sometime.

But otherwise, this is a really calm and peaceful atmosphere; perfect for either getting some work done or for having good conversation with friends.  There are abundant tables, plus a sofa and armchair nook.  The decor is reddish, and the room is softly lit, yet bright enough to work comfortably.  Coffee is good, although I’m no coffee snob (they feature Tully’s coffee), and they serve soup, sandwiches and baked goodies as well.

I’m feeling very much at peace and at the same time productive.  I like.