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Where I Am Now

I posted a couple of weeks ago about our move to an apartment, and about selling my Xtracycle.

I’m still mourning a bit, especially when I think of an errand I could run by bike, or of things I’d like to grow.  But here’s where we are now: the balcony of our apartment, and me with my current bike, a Schwinn Avenue hybrid.

Kathleen new

And those would be planters on the left. Our youngest and I planted some seeds from her day camp, but only the fava bean plant has survived so far. I’ve got some more seeds, though, and we’re going to do some replanting. But that’s it for our garden, so far.

You can also see our pool toys on the right. Our complex has a pool, and that’s definitely an asset.

We’re still doing Girl Scouts, as you can see by my shirt. We went horseback riding yesterday, then today I dropped our eldest off at resident camp, and at the end of the month we’ll be going on a medieval-themed campout together.

I’ll still be riding that bike to work, once school starts. Actually, I had started riding it back in June, when I took the Xtracycle in for a tuneup. It’s lighter and faster, but I can’t carry much yet; I need to get a rack and/or panniers. And fenders, before it starts raining!

We have most of the boxes unpacked, but we’re still getting organized. So, life moves on.

Recycled Sit-Upon

Now that the big race is over (and aside from going back to full-time work in a couple of days), the next big thing is Girl Scouts! We have a big camping trip this weekend, and one of the things on the packing list is a sit-upon.

A sit-upon is just what the name says: something you sit on. It’s usually water-resistant and often cushioned. It can be as simple as a cut square of plastic or vinyl. My troop has never made sit-upons! So we will be doing it tonight at our pre-trip meeting. We don’t have much troop money right now, so I decided to look for a recycled-craft idea, and found this one.

Yep, it’s just plastic grocery bags. I folded the handles to the inside, then folded them in thirds and flattened them into strips. I wove six strips together. Then I folded the ends in and stapled them. That’s it! The Girl Guide leader who posted the idea suggested that you could also finish the edges with duct tape.

That should take care of all these plastic bags we’ve been holding on to. :-)

Buying Popcorn From Boy Scouts

I stopped at Fred Meyer earlier, and noticed on my way to the WAMU ATM that a Boy Scout was selling popcorn.  I thought maybe I’d buy some.  Then I had a tussle with myself about whether I really wanted my money to go to the Boy Scouts.  Their official policies are anti-gay, and there are other things I don’t like about them too.  But I decided, based on personal experience, that they do more good than harm, and as a lifelong member of the Girl Scouts (who, by the way, are NOT anti-gay) I know how important the sales can be for the kids.

I  bounced up to the table with my cash in hand.  “What have you got?” I inquired, smiling.  Then I looked at the pictorial price sheet on the table.

$15 for a package of microwave popcorn, with 15 individual packets inside.  $30-40 for large tins of popcorn.  I wanted to just back away at that point, but after voluntarily approaching the table and speaking up, felt I couldn’t.  I ended up buying the cheapest item, which was a very small tin of caramel corn with peanuts for $8.

Aside from the prices, I was shocked that the young man in the Boy Scout uniform did not say one word during the whole transaction.  His parents did everything.  And he was a teenager — taller than I am.  If you are involved in Girl Scouts, you know that we are told this should NEVER HAPPEN.  The cookie sale isn’t just about making money; it’s also about the girls learning skills, like dealing with the public, making change, etc.  Adults are NEVER supposed to do the selling.  We get in trouble if we get caught doing it.

So, I’m sorry, Boy Scouts, but I won’t be buying any more popcorn.  I’ll be waiting for the Girl Scout cookie sale.  The price is going up in Oregon and Southwest Washington; next year they’ll be $4 per box, but I don’t think that’s too outrageous, given the quality, and it’s comparable to the price of many store-bought cookies.  I also know for sure that it’s an organization I can believe in.

Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington will begin taking orders for cookies in January 2009.  For other areas of the U.S., you can check here for availability.  Outside the U.S.?  You may be out of luck.  Sorry!

Camp Arrowhead Back in Session!

The first resident camp session at Camp Arrowhead since 2006 is about to begin!  Saturday, June 28 is opening day.  This made me think of one of my favorite camp memories (as a staff member).

The first year I was on staff, I was apprehensive about opening day.  Pre-camp training had been great, but I wasn’t too sure about having actual KIDS there!  Luckily, someone was there to remind us what it was all about.

The staff had gathered in the parking lot, and was waiting for the buses to arrive (keep in mind, there were NO children on site yet).  We could hear the rumble of an approaching vehicle, but it was coming from main camp, not from the entrance.  Moments later, the camp’s Isuzu Trooper arrived, carrying Grumpy, the camp director, and other central staff members.  Grumpy careened around the parking lot in the Trooper, stirring up ALL of the dust, and shouting, “The campers are coming!  The campers are coming!”

She was just one of many role models who taught me that camp is really about the campers (and no, she did not drive that way with kids around!).


I haven’t been saying much lately.  I’ve had an awful cold since Saturday.  It’s the kind that makes me not think very well.  It also coincides with a rather busy week.  Last night was our Brownie meeting.  Today, I attended a Camp Arrowhead Task Force meeting with a couple of people from GSUSA (the national Girl Scout organization).  We toured the camp, and then had lunch at Skamania Lodge.  Tomorrow (Thursday) is the Girl Scouts board meeting where they will vote on whether to keep or sell the camp (we’re feeling pretty positive about it right now).  Friday is our Thinking Day event (if you’re a Girl Scout, you know what that is).  On Saturday, we have a cookie booth sale.

Oh, and tonight we’re supposed to be at church…but I’m not sure if we’re going to make it.  Everyone is feeling pretty yucky around here.  Unfortunately, our church has so few “young families” that if we don’t show up it leaves a big hole.  I know that’s not necessarily my problem, but it does make me feel a little guilty.

Okay.  I guess I’ve complained enough.  I just meant get something up on my blog and explain why I’m not writing anything.  I’ll figure out later whether any of this makes sense.

The Week That Just Keeps on Going

It’s an EnergizerTM week. It just keeps going and going. So why don’t I feel energized? Ha. But really, I’ve had something going on every single evening this week, and I’ve got a Girl Scout field trip Saturday morning, and Girl Scout cookie training Sunday afternoon. How did this happen? I should know better. I guess everything just happened to be this week.

I guess I should follow my own advice.