13177225_10209876533258692_7768388631242626952_nOh, hi. I seem to blog here about once a year lately. And yes, I have a few things to say again — but it’s going to take me more than a few minutes to write them, and I can’t decide where to put them. You see, I literally have 15 blogs registered to me. Yes, I may have been a blog-a-holic at one point. A few of them are my kids’ old blogs. One is a shared book blog that my sisters and I did for a little while. This one is more or less my main blog, and it used to be focused on technology and sustainable living. I also have one for religious posts and one for political posts and one for posts about my neighborhood and a couple for Girl Scouts. And one is my OLD main blog before I registered this domain name. Oh, and I manage my school’s website which is also a WordPress site.

So now what? I’m thinking about getting rid of this domain…it’s never really made me any money; instead it costs me a monthly hosting fee and an annual domain registration fee. I can put it all back on WordPress.com for free

But meanwhile, I’ve got things to say. So I’ll probably just put them here, even though they are religious and political in nature, because I don’t really see the point in splitting it all up any more.

See you around!