After Election Day, What?

I had originally envisioned this as a hopeful post. The title is a literary reference, from one of my childhood favorites, the Betsy-Tacy series. When Betsy, Tacy and the Crowd graduate from high school in 1910, the class president, Joe (also Betsy’s boyfriend), gives a speech titled “After Commencement Day, What?”

And I have been concerned about what happens on November 9, whichever way the presidential election goes. But mostly, I’ve been thinking in terms of a Clinton win and wondering what upset Trump supporters might get up to after a loss. That has been worrying me quite a lot. Would there be a continued uptick in racism and xenophobia? Armed rebellion? What?

But now it’s election night, and I’m looking at the results in horror and facing the possibility of an actual Trump presidency. I honestly don’t even know how to deal with that.  Do we need to think seriously about moving? Or about pushing for Oregon to secede from the United States? Should I buy a gun? What is happening here?