In Which Resistance Is Futile

11896259_10207705639544037_5042304961677310831_nYes, this is a blog post.

Yes, it’s been over a year since the last one. Why? I’m not entirely sure.

So why am I posting now? Because I have something to say!

Why don’t I say it on Facebook or Tumblr? Because it’s longish and fits here content-wise (my Tumblr is full of Lumberjanes and Loki and scouting stuff and cats).

So here you go.

Earlier today, on Facebook, I vague-posted that I was going to do something I’d been resisting, and that I was giving myself permission to NOT do something else. This attracted rather more attention than I expected.

11921655_10207706210518311_3407555502548387667_nThe thing I was resisting was nothing earth-shattering. I needed to make and can salsa, because I had several pounds of fresh tomatoes on hand for this purpose. I was avoiding it both because I had to clean the kitchen in order to do it, and because canning is fairly labor-intensive and includes lots of steps. I like canning. Or at least, I like feeling accomplished after I’ve done it. I had it on my list for Thursday, but after I did all the other things on my list it was pretty warm outside (in the upper 80s) which meant canning would heat things up considerably inside.

The thing I gave myself permission NOT to do was walking. I currently have a goal of walking 5 miles per week (intentional walking for exercise, not just daily walking around). Sometimes I easily surpass this. This week, I’d only walked a mile (although I did get other exercise), and Friday was the last day to make up the other four. Walking four miles is something I’m perfectly capable of and even enjoy, but it’s best done first thing in the morning, and if I’d done that I would have been exhausted and not done the canning.

So I cleaned the kitchen and made the salsa, one baby step at a time, and got it done, and then I still had time and energy to walk a couple of miles before dinner. Didn’t meet my goal, but that’s OK! The world didn’t end, and the tomatoes won’t spoil now. Well, most of them. Some of them already had. Oops.