Don’t Go It Alone: Important Parenting Addendum

I can’t believe I didn’t include this in my previous post, “The Kids, the Crazy.”

But in addition to “it gets better” I should have said “DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, FEEL OR THINK YOU HAVE TO PARENT ALONE!”

Because that way lies further madness.

We’ve got this idea in much of the United States that we have to be independent and handle things on our own. And in general, yes, we do have to learn to be responsible adults and not depend on Mom and Dad for everything. Many people do not even have the option of depending on Mom and Dad for support.

But the idea that you should be able to do everything on your own is just as ridiculous as expecting to be a child forever.

So if you have young children, and you are losing it, accept help or go looking for it! Ask someone to watch your kids for a couple of hours while you read a book or go for a walk or resolve some things with your partner or spouse. If you aren’t currently in need of this help, and you’re able to, keep an eye out for people who could use your help, because they may not ask. And they may not have families who can help out.

And if things are really desperate, there may be professional services available to you, from counseling to children’s relief nurseries. These aren’t just for people who have socioeconomic or other issues. They can be helpful for anyone. Google them. Also look for new parent support programs, playgroups, anything that will connect you with other people who can support you. I know church isn’t for everyone, but a spiritual community can also be a great source of support (as well as an opportunity to support others).