Training Update, Week, Um.

I have no idea what week number this is for my bike training. I’m still at it, but I’ve adjusted my goal to doing the 40-mile Lancette Memorial Ride, rather than the 60.

Why? Well, that’s what seems most achievable at this point. I’ve been riding every week, but I missed a long ride one weekend because my bike was in the shop and another because we were on vacation. Then I worked for two weeks, and I did bike commute during that time, but I was utterly exhausted. Last weekend I did a 26-mile ride, and this weekend I did 30 (more on that later). This week I’m going to California to visit my grandmother, and may or may not get to ride at all (got a bike, Aunt Susan?), and next weekend we have a big Girl Scout event.

So, life happens. I can work with that. I’m feeling good about my progress — I feel stronger and am getting faster.