Sunburst Squash

Sunburst SquashI bought a Sunburst Squash at the farmers’ market the other day, even though I’d never seen one before! They’re gorgeous and sunshiny, and looking at them made me smile. PD Farms was selling them along with their usual meat products, so I bought one to make my purchase an even dollar amount.

Later, I looked for a cooking method or recipe for Sunburst Squash. I found out that it’s really just a variant of pattypan squash. This post by Leslie Seaton at three bowls scared me, since she said it was bitter and she really, really didn’t like it. But I figured she could have gotten a bad squash. I did see some other interesting recipes, like this one for baked stuffed pattypan squash, with sausage in it (second recipe down). I only had one squash, though, so in the end I decided to just slice it and stir-fry it with some Italian sausage, peppers and onions.Italian Stir-Fry with Sunburst Squash

I tasted one slice of squash raw, and found it had a mild nutty flavor. I tasted another piece half-cooked, and it did taste bitter, like Leslie had described. But once the squash was fully cooked and soft, it tasted fine again, with just a few bitter pieces. It went well with the Italian flavorings, and my family ate it with no complaints. Would I buy it again? You bet! I might even be willing to grow it.