Nonviolence in Iran

In case you were wondering, yes, there is a nonviolent movement in Iran.  We know that the government has fired on its own people, and we’ve seen protestors who seem less than peaceful as well, but here is one call for non-violent protests.  I think they’ve probably done this for Tuesday already, although I don’t see any news reports about it.

From Ara S.:

In a message from former President Mohammad Khatami, he is inviting every person, along with their children, to walk towards the main Tehran Grand Bazaar every day at 9am. No protesting. No signs. No words. If feeling intimidated, pretend like you are window-shopping. Keep walking towards the Grand Bazaar. If we are not allowed to reach the destination, the Bazaar will be shut down. If phone lines are cut off, the Bazaar will be shut down. If they drop tear gas, the Bazaar will be shut down. No need to hold up hands in a V for victory. Just keep walking while thinking about being victorious. Mr. Mousavi, the nation does not need your martyrdom, they need your leadership.