We Don’t Need Politics As Usual

I wrote yesterday that I was deeply troubled by several blog entries I’d read.  These blog entries, by people who happen to oppose Barack Obama for president (although we do have other things in common), contain a number of mistakes and misconceptions about Obama’s tax policy.  The authors are spreading a fear that Obama will take people’s hard-earned money and give it to other people.

My first response was to want to point out the misconceptions and errors, and argue the facts.

I don’t think that will do any good.  I’m pretty sure I couldn’t convince the authors to believe me.  If you are interested in knowing the truth about Obama’s tax policy, here are some links.  Check them out for yourself and make up your own mind.

There’s another reason why I’m choosing not to argue right now.

We need to get out of politics as usual.  We need to “shake up Washington” (McCain).  We need “change we can believe in” (Obama).  That doesn’t mean we need to replace Republicans with Democrats or vice versa.  It means we need to get away from the politics of fear, and away from the oppositional model of politics.  As long as we’re pitted against each other, we’re going to have a hard time working together for the good of all.