Sustainability Links

Right now, I’m breathing in the scent of fresh applesauce made from 15+ pounds of Liepold Farms apples.  That’s my contribution to sustainability for today.  Here are links to some other people’s stories:

From the Oregonian:  Sure, you want it, but do you need it? This article profiles several households living simply and buying less — and still sounding like they have great lives.

Renee from Enviromom is making the move to growing food in the front yard!  They’re actually converting part of the lawn for this purpose.

Colin Beavan, AKA No Impact Man, is planning to expand his blog to include other writers.  He’s looking for writers who are “interested in individual and societal approaches to improving our lives and our habitat through novel ideas in the management of trash and materials, food production, transportation and land use, consumption, spiritual and humanist approaches to environmentalism, water use, energy production and efficiency, and offline and virtual activism.”

Crunchy Chicken is starting a new Freeze Yer Buns Challenge for 2008.  Participants are challenged to turn the thermostat down, or to use less fuel to heat their homes.  The Chicken herself is planning to set the thermostat for only 62 during the day and 55 at night.  How low can you go?  I’m not having much luck with this so far.  My husband cannot deal with keeping the thermostat down, and insists it really doesn’t matter.  We do have programmable thermostats, though, so I can at least make sure he doesn’t leave the heat on all day when no one’s here.

If you’re a bus rider, you may want to find out more about the PDX Bus iPhone app over at TriMetiquette.